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Bobby Chinn's Vietnamese Food
Price: $29.99
'What Bobby doesn't know about Southeast Asian food is not worth knowing' - Anthony BourdainRenowned for subtle yet bold, fresh and clean flavours, Vietnamese food is at the height of its popularity. One of the most enthusiastic and respected exponents of modern Vietnamese cuisine is Bobby Chinn, who runs restaurants in both Hanoi and LondonBobby Chinn describes Vietnamese food as being as near to Nirvana as he can imagine - with its fresh, clean flavours, the food is light and healthy and incredibly diverse. Bobby Chinn's Vietnamese Food explores the exciting array of native dishes, from snacks and street foods like the traditional rice noodle wraps, to his own restaurant dishes such as tamarind-glazed crab cakes with chive flowers, and green tea-smoked duck breasts with sticky rice parcels and baby bok choi.The book includes over 100 recipes, in addition to a comprehensive section on Vietnamese ingredients and a guide to the building blocks of Bobby's recipes - such as sauces and stocks. Interspersed amonst the delicious recipes are Bobby's foodie stories and kitchen tales, such as his recollections of the more unusual ingredients he's worked with. Bobby Chinn's Vietnamese Food is a true adventure story for the palate: it is not just a recipe book but an authentic guide to Vietnamese food as it is eaten today.
Published: 2014