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A Funny Thing Happened to Simon Sidebottom #3 - Camp Cruddly
Price: $12.99
SIMONS HAVING A BAD... AN EVEN WORSE DAY Simons class is heading off on their annual school trip to Camp Cruddly. This isn't just a bad day, this is a grade-A, category-five, send-in-the-navy-seal-black-op-ninjas Sidebottom emergency! YOU get to choose just how weird it all gets. Will Simon be swallowed up by a disgusting hairball? Will Larry Barry save Simon from ferocious toe-nibbling eels? Will Simon discover the hidden pathway that reveals Principals Fart-Smells biggest secret yet? YOU CHOOSE! Dont believe anything you read in this book! Principal Fart-Smells. Why does this book smell like farts? Simons mum. When I was a girl, books were made out of dried horse poo. Nurse Payne.
Published: 2019