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Active Mind Failing Heart My Life And Health Debate
Price: $29.95
Fighting chronic heart disease for twenty years, including eight months on a heart transplant waiting list, has tested every part of author Gerry Delwig’s being. Debating life, survival, the will to live, and cheating death, is a language he learned to understand well in that period. For the book Active Mind: Failing Heart: to be able to share Delwig’s story better, readers must look past the cover and share a journey that will open their minds to the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer with or without good health.

The author uses his experiences as his tools, and he might be able to help his audience prevent what they can in making the same mistakes that he did. This book is one of those that can support those going through major health issues - and this includes the roles family and friends play in the process.

For thirty-five years, the author played the part of a man going through the motions, pandering to the wishes of others. He went to school where he was abused, played a lot of sports, and was heavily involved in music, playing in many bands. His first job lasted twenty years, leaving him unfulfilled and stressed out. He got married and divorced. Rarely did he make decisions that put his welfare first. Eventually, something has to give in such an equation.

The damage Gerry Delwig was doing to his heart went unnoticed for a long time. In time, symptoms started to surface: constant fatigue, shortness of breath, and mild chest pain. He ignored the symptoms (like many people do) until the situation became critical. So, a new life with unforeseen challenges began. Having his options taken away led to his pursuing new options. Sharing this story with an audience is one - as life is a gift with many wrappings, this is Delwig’s gift to the world at large.