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Dear Customer,

All booklists submitted through our web service MUST be pre-paid.

At the conclusion of entering your booklist order, payment details will be collected via our Secure Payment Gateway. Please ensure your personal details including your home/postal address are correct. This is required so we can notify you with your advice card.

If you are unable to make a pre-payment at this time please forward your booklist to Warrnambool Books for normal processing and collection.

If pre-payment is not made your order WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

Please be aware that we cannot accept American Express or Diners Cards.

* Select all the items you require as a single item (multiple quantities are adjusted later in your order).
* Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Click Here' button to hold the order.
* Alter 'Quantity' for all multiple items required then click on the 'Refresh Quantities' button.
* Click on 'Confirm Your Order' to continue to payment option page.

Known Issue:
Please be aware that we are having some issues with Internet Explorer version 10 & 11, if the items you have selected are not being added to your cart, please try submitting your booklist again with Firefox or Google Chrome.
You can download Firefox Here (Recommended)
You can download Google Chrome Here

(03) 5562 9400
(03) 5562 3723

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Mon - Fri

9.00am - 5.30pm
9.00am - 12 Noon

Please contact us for trading hours on public holidays.

We are located at 169 Fairy Street, Warrnambool
VIC, 3280

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