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ISBN #: 2770000064002

Edition: 2010

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Calculator Scientific - TI30XB Multiview


Price: $29.95*

* All the features of the TI30XBII plus a host of powerful enhancements
* 4 line display
* Scrolling features
* Previous entry
* Easy to read menus
* Fraction features
* Scientific notation output
* Table features
* Basic scientific, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
* Two-variable statistics:
* Enter/delete/insert/edit individual statistics data elements
* "Equation Recall" feature allows to recall, view, edit and correct previous entries and statistical data
* Allows operations with fractions and mixed numbers
* Automatic simplification of fractions
* Engineering and scientific notations
* Conversion: Fractions/Decimals;
* Degrees/Radians/Grads; Degreesminutes seconds/Decimal/Degrees
* EOS (Equation Operating System) for equation entry
* Battery powered

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